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Terraria is a 2D sandbox action-adventure game made by Re-Logic. You play the game by exploring the selected map, finding items and resources, using resources to craft items and weapons, battling inhabitant foes of the map, and more including survival mechanics to make sure your character sustains themselves or mining for better, rarer items.

The maps in this game are procedurally generated which means every round you play feels fresh and factors into being increasingly replayable. The game has online co-op with up to 7 friends playable on the same map of the host’s choice. It was released first on PC in 2011.


Terraria User’s Rating:

★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★ (10/10)

The Good: Engaging fun gameplay that’ll have you coming back for more. It is complemented by a great crafting system, challenging survival mechanics, and a moldable open-world sandbox. The more added fun factor with an 8-player online multiplayer feature. There have been a lot of updates to the game since its release.

The Bad: No new content update since mid-2020. The game still has an active player base, but it seems to be dwindling compared to where it was years ago. There’s very little story content.

Key Features of The Terraria Game App


The important part of the game is collecting resources in Terraria. You can collect tree branches from chopping wood. Mine for minerals and other resources like gold, copper, iron, etc. Kill enemies to collect other resources and components for upgrades. The reason why this is very important is that having all of this in your inventory is useful for crafting weapons, planting trees and crops, use for building structures, and so on.


To do farming, you need seeds. Planting these seeds and then cultivating them by adding resources before gathering plant items for use. Farming is pretty simple as it requires you to plant seeds on soil connected to the ground.


Much like Minecraft, you can build structures using resources you’ve collected. Even if the maps are big, there’s only an abundance of resources to use so use them wisely and tactically brings better results. Of course, again like Minecraft, these structures can be broken down. The building mechanics doesn’t function very similarly to Minecraft as there are notable exceptions.


The game has a robust selection of weapons to use in combats against all creeps and large enemy types. In Terraria, you hit an enemy till their health bar is empty. Some weapons are stronger and faster than others, but the only way to acquire those is to progress through the game before finding them or building one yourself by crafting.

Each weapon has different stats like attack speed, damage, distance, damage per second, etc. Some guns go from swords, bows,s, and arrows to pretty much guns and lasers.


In Terraria, it is possible to play with up to 7 different players on the same map. It is also the more preferable experience since online play brings more engagement for everybody. Some parts of the game which has boss levels or intense creep farming were preferably played with friends. The game can have a solo experience but the online experience makes it more fun by simply allowing them to do more of what the game allows, just at a rapid pace.

How to install Terraria Game App

The app is available for use on 6 platforms. This includes gaming consoles. Here’s an installation guide for Android/iOS/PC/PS4/XB1/Switch. Do note, this game is not free, the price is $4.99 on mobile while costing $19.99 on PS4, XB1, and $9.99 Steam. Though pricing could differ from other platforms like consoles or PC based on price sales or regional pricing.

On Android OS:

Search for ‘Terraria’ in Google Play Store. Purchase the game from the store using your credit or debit card, Google Pay Balance, gift cards, and PayPal. Press ‘install’, and wait till it has fully downloaded all files and installed. Then open the app from the Play Store menu.

On iOS/iPad:

Launch the App Store on your iPhone/iPad. Search for ‘Terraria’ in the App Store. Purchase the game using Apple Card or Pay, credit or debit card, and PayPal. Tap on the download icon below the Terraria title. Wait till the download is complete, then press open to start the app.

On Windows/Mac:

On PC, the game is available from clients like Steam or Apple Store from the Mac series.

For Steam, you need to download the Steam client and use an account to purchase the game. Creating an account is simple but you’ll also need to download Steam Guard on your phone in case you are logging into your account. Once there, search ‘Terraria’ on the client store and purchase the game using Steam Wallet, credit or debit card, or PayPal. Press the ‘Play Now’ button to download on the store page, install the game and then launch it. This same guide can also be used on Steam for Mac.

For the Apple Store on Mac, search for ‘Terraria’, and purchase the game, the payment method is the same for iOS App Store. Click the download icon and then launch the game. 

Alternate suggested apps


Minecraft is a widely known sandbox game. The difference being is, Minecraft is played fully from a first-person view. The sandbox provided by the game allows you to do a lot. It is also visually more presentative.


Starbound is somewhat called Terraria 2.0. Except it makes more notable changes throughout the game all throughout. It has more story themes with a connected atmosphere. There are single-player story missions to play. You can charge NPCs staying at your place as rent. Weapons are different since you’re from outer space and the base building is much more robust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much would it cost to download the app?

The game costs only $4.99 to purchase on Android/iOS. On PC, and Steam clients, the price varies but the normal price in the US is around $9.99. On consoles, the prices vary from $19.99 to $29.99.

Which country does the app support?

In any country, anybody can play it anywhere. It’s the same for online multiplayer where each server is based in subcontinent centers.

Can I play the game without buying it?

Yes, it can be played with a pirated copy, however, for legality reasons, it is preferable not to play without legally purchasing it.

Does the game have NPCs?

Yes, the game can have NPCs, but NPCs won’t be available all the time. The only possible way to get NPCs on your map is by building a home, made for them. There are certain necessities that need to be filled out before it is done.

Terraria is a great game; it is old now but it still has more content to enjoy after spending countless hours. With so much to do and with a great gameplay loop, it is an enjoyable game.

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