Soundflower For Windows & Mac – Best Alternatives

Are you Looking soundflower for windows? sorry to say, soundflower is a mac extension and only work with it. Today we will share you the best alternatives of soundflower for your pc and the features of the software compared with them.

Soundflower is an extension app installed for OS X as a third-party app. It works as an audio router and passthrough that allows apps to provide audio for other apps. Most people use it for recording software to capture audio from captured media such as screen footage or video games.

While the app takes a while to get used to since you have to tweak a bunch of settings multiple times in order to get it working the way you want, it is a very reliable app that captures anything including mic recording and in-game audio chat. Though the app has limitations such as only capturing audio at 2-channel or 64-channel. No surround sound support yet.

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Basic App Information

  • Base OS: Mac OS
  • Size: 58KB for both Mac OS and Windows
  • Current Version: 2.0b2
  • Languages: English
  • Developer: Rogue Amoeba, Matt Ingalls
  • Requirements/Compatibility: OS X 10.10.0 and later

Editor’s Rating:

★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★☆ (8/10)
★★★★☆ (8/10)
★★★☆ (7/10)

The Good: The app is simple and easy to install without much hassle. Good intuitive UI with access and options to tune audio and adjust which app to capture audio from. Very low file space is usable for portability.
The Bad: Takes a while before a new version comes out that supports the latest OS without any bugs or technical problems.

Key Features of The Soundflower App

Audio Virtualization:

Soundflower creates a virtual audio network that connects to real audio drivers in order to retrieve the audio and MIDI data from them. This is possible for two different channel profiles: Soundflower 2-channel and 64-channel. These virtual audio networks can also be used as drivers and allow the app to easily record audio that is being routed from the real drivers.

Capture input/output audio:

Doing commentaries on video, music or games requires often third-party apps that involve going through paywalls often to use them. With Soundflower you can capture both the input and output audio together. This app allows you to do both with ease of usage.

Available Options:

There’s so much you can do from tweaking the audio, adjusting the volume output to making sound profiles.


This is a feature that is used to listen to the audio being routed. Allowing you to monitor the audio being transmitted. Though it can be downloaded separately, this is an important component as it acts in accompaniment to the main software.

How to install Soundflower For PC

The app is available for use on 1 platform. One of them requires third-party apps in order to work. Here’s an installation guide for OS X.


This is a simple procedure; first, download the extension software, make sure it is the latest version, then launch the installer package of the app. From here, the app has a chance of failing to install. For that, there’s an easy fix, first go to ‘Security & Privacy, then click on the allow button next to ‘Matt Ingals’ before closing the window. Launch the installer again, the app should install cleanly without any further issues.

Alternative of Soundflower For Windows & Linux

1. JACK Audio Connection Kit

Pretty much similar to Soundflower, JACK Audio Connection Kit is a daemon tool used to transmit audio and route them in low-latency using JACK1 and JACK2 channel settings. This app is also open-source which means that it can have changes to the program or added features by the modding community.

2. Loopback

Loopback is an app made primarily for the Mac which combines two or more different audio sources into one. It acts as a mixing board for audio, mostly by DJs and musicians mixing up samples. Loopback has multiple channel options to choose from as well, including 7.1 surround sound.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soundflower For Windows

Q. How much would it cost to download the app?

Nothing, you can download the app for free. Through donations to the creator would be nice.

Q. Will the app supports the latest version of OS X and Windows 10?

Yes, it absolutely will. Won’t run perfectly but there are ways to resolve its issues easily.

Q. Will, it keeps getting updated for the foreseeable future?

Yes, it will. In fact, the original creator; Matt Ingalls, has stated that will be working on updating and adding features to the extension.

Q. When will it get a direct release for Windows 10?

No, it won’t, as it was specifically made for Mac in mind, Windows have great alternatives to consider instead of this.

Q. Could I use it on any app?

Yes, it’ll work for any apps you use since the software is routing all audio via drivers.

While the app is based on an old design and has a lot of needed improvements, Soundflower gets most of the job done. Especially with an easy-to-use UI design. It’s only a matter of time before a newer one comes out loaded with a lot more features.

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