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Are you looking for a free soundboard for PC? Soundboard is a physical and virtual device that can produce custom sounds and beats that you can run at any time. You can add your own sound also. A physical soundboard device is expensive and can contain a limited number of sounds.

That’s why virtual soundboards are handy. It is fun and easy-to-use virtual soundboard software for PCs. You can store and play as many sounds as you want. EXP soundboard is a free and very useful soundboard. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on the EXP soundboard. You will learn how to install this soundboard on your PC and do more exciting things.

SoundBoard For PC
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Basic App information of SoundBoard For PC

  • Developers: Expenosa Freeman (Open Source)
  • Available Platforms: Windows and Mac
  • App Size: 9.1 MB
  • Other Requirements: Java 7

The Good: The EXP Soundboard is open-source software for PC means it is free. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and you can save soundboards to this software. You can use keyboard shortcuts to produce sound. It plays sounds via a virtual audio cable, but still, you can hear them from your speakers. Moreover, you can use a mic injector to route sound from the mic to your virtual audio cable.

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The Bad: EXP soundboard comes with some other features that may not be necessary. The loading time is slow, which can be annoying sometimes.

Important Features of EXP Soundboard For PC

SoundBoard For PC
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Easy and Lightweight

EXP Soundboard is a dynamic software that can help you play audio files and sounds using a few keystrokes. Most audio players do not support playing multiple audio files at once. But with dedicated software like EXP soundboard, you can do that. EXP soundboard is a very straightforward and lightweight app that provides precisely what you want.

Portable and Functional

The best thing about the EXP Soundboard is its portability. You don’t even have to install this tool. You can launch this application directly from the. EXE file that comes with this software package and gets going. You can then start the show, whether you want to get some fun or if you’re on to some serious sound mixing or creation.


You can store your sounds in the database or use the sounds that came with the app right from the interface. All you have to do is find the sound clip you want to use, find them on your PC, and assign a hotkey.

Play Sounds with Hotkeys

Once you have gathered all of your sounds, you can start running them. Also, you can play multiple sounds at once, which is a great feature to have if you have to do some editing or if you want to show the world your unique sounds.

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Other Features

The EXP soundboard also comes with some other valuable tools for song creation,  for example, the loop tool, the convert tool to convert almost any audio file into a compatible file, and other features that offer you that capability. If you are in some kind of video or sound editing business or just create them for fun EXP soundboard can help you go a step further.

SoundBoard For PC
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How To Set up EXP SoundBoard For PC

  • Step-1: First, download the EXP Soundboard and VB-Cable Driver from this link. (
  • Step-2: Download VB-Cable using this link. ( The EXP Soundboard is standalone software, and you can just run the EXE file, but VB-Cable Driver comes with an installer that installs a new virtual audio input device into your recording gadget.
  • Step-3: Next, double-click on the downloaded file and run the EXP Soundboard. After the screen arrives, make sure the 1st input is set to “Primary Sound Driver,” and the second input is set to “CABLE Input (VB-Virtual Audio Cable).” You have to check both the checkboxes (“Use” and “Use Mic Injector”).
  • Step-4: Next, open up Steam and open your Settings menu, and then click on the Voice tab. Change the device and set it to the VB-Audio Cable. Don’t forget to check whether the “Automatically transmit my voice whenever I speak” option is selected or not.
  • Step-5: That’s it, you are done with Soundboard for PC! It is always better to check whether your voice settings in the Dota client match accordingly as well. Now, given that you have EXP Soundboard running, you can play sound clips through voice chat!

How To Add and Play Sounds With EXP Soundboard For PC

SoundBoard For PC
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Open the EXP soundboard and start adding your sound files! Please keep all the sound files in one folder and separately add them to the list, don’t forget to set up a hotkey for each sound. If you want to be snappy, we would tell setting it to either Alt, Ctrl, Shift, or any combination of those three with mainly any key on the keyboard’s left area. Now, as soon as you hit that set of keys, a sound will play!

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A crucial setting in the options menu is the “Stop All” key which stops all the sound. Different sounds come from different keys and can play over each other. So in case you accidentally screwed up and played a sound you should have not or just want to stop the music file you’ve started to play whatever, you can stop it with one key.

Again, we suggest you set this as something easy to reach on the keyboard’s left area as you may have to use this more often.

If you want to test the sound, go to the Steam Settings Voice tab and click on “Test microphone.” Now, play a sound and use any hotkey you prepared for your sounds. If everything is as it should be, you’ll see a little green/red bar light up and hear a second playback.

Some Alternatives of SoundBoard For PC

1. Jingle Palette

This is another open-source soundboard application for Windows. This software is primarily designed to play jingle tones during radio broadcasts and sporting events.

2. Mixer

This is another free, open-source soundboard application for Windows. As its name implies, the software is primarily designed to mix various sound samples of multiple formats like OGG, MP3, AIFF, WAV, and many others.

3. Sensory Sound Board

Sensory Sound Board is also free, open-source soundboard software for Windows. This application is fun and interactive soundboard software with various separate soundboards such as Creepy Soundboard, Storm Soundboard, Two Button Verse, and similar others.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SoundBoard For PC

FAQ About SoundBoard For PC
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Can I use my real microphone in a game if I have my soundboard set up?

No. However, if you’re in a call on Skype or other audio-video calling applications, you still can use your regular mic for that call. But you will have to set the mic as your input device on Skype itself.

Is EXP soundboard free?

EXP soundboard is open-source software, and like other open-source software, this is absolutely free.

How can I get sound clips?

You can get soundboards from google as many available sites provide sounds. Youtube is another excellent resource to get sound clips.

Is there a limit for the sound files to work?

No, there is no limit. You can loop an hour-long .mp3 of a movie theme, and the EXP soundboard will play out the entire clip after a single hotkey stroke. Moreover, you can stop the sound with the stop key you created earlier.


EXP Soundboard is an easy and lightweight software that allows you to play several audio files at once. You can play a wide range of audio files and sounds simultaneous with just one keystroke. You can use this application for fun or in a severe audio-video editing task.

Setting up the application is easy, and we hope our guide will help you if you have any doubts in your mind. We expect the article helped you and you have to find the answer of Soundboard for PC from this article.

Our Score

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Great performance with some issues with loading time

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