Snap VPN for PC | Download For Android, iOS and Windows (7, 8 & 10)

Snap VPN is a proxy VPN that you can use. It is very fast and comes with a good encryption service that will provide security to your data. It is usable on Android or iOS devices, Windows or Mac. And the best feature, it is free of charge. So, it is a fast, easy and free way for internet security.

Basic App Information

  • Last Updated: 30/01/2020
  • Latest Version: 0.1
  • Size: 8.8 MB
  • Language: English (United States)

Scoring the app

★★★☆ (7/10)
★★★★☆ (8/10)
★★★★☆ (8/10)
★★★☆ (6.5/10)

The good: It is free. Very fast. Can bypass firewalls and unblock sites. Uses good quality encryption. Easy to download and use.

The bad: Does not support torrenting or streaming. Has no kill switch which is a huge threat to overall security on the web. Does not work in China. Servers number low and in very few countries. Slow speed due to throttling. 

Features of the Snap VPN for PC App

Free for all:

Snap VPN is free for all users. You will also get unlimited storage, connectivity and time. It is also easy to use as you don’t need any passwords or registration.

High speed and security:

Snap VPN servers are P2P, Onion Over VPN, Dual VPN, Anti DDoS, and Dedicated IP. So, it connects very fast. The best you can expect from a free VPN service. Also, there is high security, it encrypts data using Open VPN protocols (UDP / TCP). These details about the Snap VPN make it stand apart. There is no tracking and you can browse anonymously and enjoy private browsing. It does not have any kill switch however.

Unblocks social network websites and apps:

Because of restrictions in the country that you are in you may not be able to access some websites. Snap VPN will solve the problem for you. Also, it can bypass the firewalls as a school proxy and also unblock sites with a free proxy server. It works with WiFi, 3G, LTE and all mobile data carriers. When choosing location, you can choose from Germany, Netherlands, the US, Singapore or the UK.

Ease of use and convenience:

This app is one of the easiest things to use. There is no need to set anything up or make any registrations. Just choose your location and you get a new IP address so that you can start to browse. It has 100 servers in 57 countries, one of the cool features is that you can have 6 connections simultaneously.

How to install Snap VPN App

One of the ways to access Snap VPN on PC is to use an Android emulator. These are steps to follow for doing that—

By using Bluestacks:

Step-1: First you have to download and install Bluestacks on your PC.

Step-2: Now launch the emulator and open your Google Account.

Step-3: Sign in to your Google Account, go to Google Play Store and write “Snap VPN” in the search bar.

Step-3: Install the App and then after Installation open from Bluestacks home screen and start using.

Using NoxPlayer:

Step-1: Download and install NoxPlayer on your PC.

Step-2: Launch the emulator.

Step-3: Sign in to your Google Account, go to Google Play Store and write “Snap VPN” in the search bar and start the installation process.

Step-4: Open from NoxPlayer home screen and use.

Another option is to use MEmu App Player to install it.

How to use it

There are not too many features in this app so it is really easy to use:

  • Just start the app and press on the ‘Go’ button.
  • that really is all there is to using it.
  • Since this VPN is free you have to come across ads.

Overall, it may count as an average VPN using experience.

Alternatives to Snap VPN

Some good alternatives to this app are-


Windscribe VPN is a Canada based provider that offers services to browse the web safely. The Pro version of the app has services across 110 cities in 80 countries. It supports online torrenting and chat/email. There is also a free version with a 10 GB monthly data limitation. With good pricing($4.80/month) and safety, Windscribe can be a good choice.


DotVPN is a Hongkong based VPN provider. It has 700 servers across 10 countries. There are both free and paid versions. The paid version comes with additional features and is ad-free.The security however is not very advanced. Pricing is very low at only $1.60/month.

CyberGhost VPN:

CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs of all. It is highly secure, uses P2P-optimized servers, has 256-bit encryption and a key-switch. It can block almost any site but does not work in China. Pricing is a bit high considering the top-notch service and there are multiple packages.


Supervpn is an app for android like Snap VPN and you have to use an android emulator to use it on PC. It requires no registration to be run. It offers both a free version and a paid one with a free 20 day trial. The free version is okay but the premium version is best for security.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is Snap VPN safe to use?

The logging policy of the app says that it does not keep- logs of your activity, your IP address, your outgoing VPN IP address or VPN connection timestamps. Which is great, however, the app does take “information related to which Apps and Apps version(s) you have activated.” Which may be a bit concerning.

Q. Does Snap VPN have a kill switch?

No, it does not have any kill switch. This feature is used by VPNs to cut off immediately when there is connection loss so that your identity is safe. Not having it is a great shortcoming in an app.

Q. Is Snap VPN free?

Yes, this app is completely safe. It is an android based app so you have to use an emulator to run it on PC and you can do that free of charge.

Q. Does Snap VPN use my personal data?

The app claims to not do so. However, there are some security concerns, it has some functions that may be able to access some browsing information.

After discussing the pros and cons of the Snap VPN, we see that as a free app it has the basics to offer. But not more than that. The purpose of VPN is to give you security on the web, this app does that but with some shortcomings. You cannot use it for torrents or streaming platforms like Netflix.

As we discussed there are some security concerns about your privacy too. There is no kill switch. So, using it deprives you of a lot of features you may need. It is free and fast and easy to use which are it’s plus points but you may want to consider one of the alternatives when you see it’s cons.

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