How to Use Setup Wizard For Android Phones

Setup Wizard for Android is a tool that helps you to set up your Android device. It is simple to use and can help you get your device up and running quickly.

Setup wizard for android allows you to manage different sorts of applications on your device. One can easily install as well as uninstall this application via the wizard. This wizard walks the user through different categories and different applications that are available.

Setup Wizard For Android
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Moreover, the setup wizard can be used in order to restore the previous applications on phone. This feature is necessary while buying a new android phone or installing a new custom ROM. However, to avail of this feature having a premium license is a must.


Name: Setup wizard for android

Description: The setup wizard for android is designed for android in order to help you to manage various applications on your phone. This app performs different types of functions but its primary purpose is to let you restore the previously used applications on your new phone.

Offer Price: Free

Operating System: Android

Language: English (United States)

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Editor’s Rating

Setup ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (8.9/10)
Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (8.5/10)
Performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (8.7/10)
Interface ⭐⭐⭐⭐(8.3/10)
The goodThe Bad
This app can be used in order to restore the previous application which the user used on his/her previous phone. This feature is mainly necessary while buying a new android phone or installing a new custom ROM.Most of the exciting features are for premium users only.

Key Functions

  • Install custom ROM
  • Multiple Profile
  • Can categories apps
  • Easy to search and backup and many more

Features of the Setup Wizard For Android

Setup Wizard
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There are plenty of exciting apps in Setup Wizard for androids that make your phone using experience super easy and fun. So without further ado let’s have a look at the features.

Install custom Rom:

In the Setup Wizard app, one can easily install the custom ROM.

Multiple Profile:

Setup Wizard provides multiple profiles for the users for various devices. However, this feature is available for premium users only.

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In this app, the user can access the initialization of his/her android device.

Can categories apps:

One can easily categorize different applications he/she has installed according to the app’s type.

Can install some uncommon apps:

Interestingly, this app sometimes helps in installing some usual or uncommon apps that people often install.

Easy to search and backup:

Setup Wizard lets you go through the different categories easily by searching. Also, this app will automatically provide you the backups for the apps you have currently used on your phone or android device. However, this feature is available for premium users only.

Easy to use:

This app is super easy to use and it also helps the new android users with different guidelines which makes it easy for them too.

How do I run this Android Setup Wizard?

The procedure is very simple. Just follow the below-mentioned points step by step. Let’s get started:

Step-1: Firstly you have to select a default language. To do so tap on the “Changing the Default Language.’’ icon on the settings.

Step-2: Then you can change the vision, dexterity, or hearing issues. Also, if you can you can change the font. However, it isn’t that necessary. Yet you can do it by double-tapping on Settings-> Accessibility which will help you to modify different Accessibility settings.

Step-3: Then open the screen, click on the Start button, and then on the Accessibility screen in order to move forward.

Step-4: Before getting into this step please ensure that you have a stable network connection. Once you find it stable then click on the network’s name and then enter your network password. After finishing it Tap Connect to proceed.

Step-5: In this step, you will be asked to go through the End User License Agreement (EULA). Once you finish reading carefully, click on the ‘I Understand’ box.

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Step-6: Now, read the provided Consent carefully in order to receive the Diagnostic as well as the Usage Data information. However, this reading is totally optional. If you have less time then you can simply choose just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. After that choose ‘Next’.

Step-7: In this step, the user will be asked to enter his/ her Google or Gmail account information. This is required in order to access Android apps and services.

Step-8: So, simply select Yes, in case you have a Gmail or Google account, and then enter your account’s information. Else, tap on the options button “Get an Account” in order to create a Gmail or Google account.

Step-9: Then, click on the checkboxes so that you can set your Google location preferences.

Step-10: After completing step 9, you can notice a message that appeared on the screen, which says ‘This phone belongs to…’. In the black position type your name in order to personalize your phone. Then to continue click on the arrow icon on the right.

Step-11: Note that, if you are using a Samsung android phone, you have to enter your Samsung account information.

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If you don’t have a Samsung account tap on “Create Account” and fulfill the info to create one. Otherwise, click on ‘Sign In’ and your email address(the one you have used to create a Samsung account) as well as your Samsung password.

Step-12: Interestingly, you can edit the name which will be later on used to recognize your phone.

Step-13: If you want you can also enable the ‘Easy’ mode for your device, I.e Android phone; which provides you with a very simple user interface.

Step-14: After finishing all the above-mentioned steps, click on ‘Finish’ and the wizard will be dismissed.

Sometimes, a few versions of some Android phones might display some additional options, along with some dialogue boxes as the Wizard configures the phone, for initial use. In that case simply follow the upcoming prompts, and you are done.

Setup Wizard Alternatives

This section is specially designed for those who are somehow unable to use the setup wizard. That’s why we will be providing you with a good alternative to the wizard. Have a look below:

1. Sonim Setup Wizard

Sonim Setup Wizard
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  • Sonim Setup Wizard Screenshot
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  • Sonim Setup Wizard Screenshot
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  • Sonim Setup Wizard Screenshot
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This wizard allows you to customize different apps on your phone and also eliminates errors that are associated with manual customization.

It is offered by Sonim Technologies, Inc and its available version is Also, Sonim Setup Wizard is free, having a size of 3.38MB.

2. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile
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  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Screenshot
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  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Screenshot
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  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Screenshot
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  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Screenshot
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  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Screenshot
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  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Screenshot
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  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Screenshot
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Smart Switch allows the user to move the contacts, photos, music, calendar, device settings, text messages, etc to his/her new Samsung device. Not only Samsung users but also any android can use this app. However, the Android version must be 4.0 or higher.

Frequently Asked Question About Setup Wizard For Android

Setup Wizard For Android
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What is the size of Setup Wizard?

It is only 815KB.

Can I use the wizard using my Samsung account?

Yes, you can if you are using a Samsung device, otherwise you can use a Gmail account.


The setup wizard for android aims to assist you so that you can initialize your android device. The Wizard is able to internalize the apps that are already installed on your phone.

Also, it is super easy and fun to use. You can easily manage different applications on your phone once you get the setup wizard. So finally I hope the above-mentioned steps will help you to avail of all the benefits provided by it.

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