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Q. Is Psiphon Free?

or Windowsnternet_Access_to_Everyone">Open Internet Access to EveryoneFor one reason or another, many governments block some websites or tools around the country. Sometimes office authorities or educational institutes restrict some websites. In this kind of situation, a free VPN like Psiphon can be your lifesaver. Psiphon believes everybody should access the internet without restrictions. Looking for psiphon for pc?

The goal of Phsipon is to provide open access to the internet and to fight censorship. This excellent VPN application is available on three platforms: Android, iOS,  and Windows. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to install Psiphon on a PC. Though Psiphon does not come with any Mac version, we will also provide the instruction for installing Phispon on Mac.

Psiphon for pc
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Basic App information of Psiphon

  • Developers: Psiphon Inc.
  • Available Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 
  • App Size: 22 MB (Android), 71.7MB (iOS), 18.6 MB (Windows) 
  • Requirements: Android 4.0 , iOS 10.2, Windows 7/8.1/10. 

Our Score 

★★★★★ (10/10)

As it is easy to set up
★★★★☆ (9/10)

The UI is pretty simple
★★★★☆ (7/10)

Comes with great features but has some limitations
★★★★☆ (8/10)

Great performance with some speed related issues

The Good: This is a free VPN app with lots of features. The app is available in Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. The app does not ask for your email address. Provides an effective proxy tool for china. This is anti-censor open-source software that confirms the transparency of the software.

The Bad: The app is relatively slow compared to some other paid VPN services. Also, the app doesn’t work with Netflix or torrenting. The app does not work as a privacy tool like other paid VPN services.

Important Fea

Important Features of Psiphon For PC

rnet Access to Everyone

Many people around the globe are suffering from limited access to the web for various reasons. In some cases, the government restricts some websites for their benefit. Many private organizations block some websites for their employees, and there are many educational institutes limiting access for their students to access some websites. But Psiphon believes the web should be accessible by everybody and that no one should track people’s activity online for business or other purposes. The Psiphon’s goal is to provide open access to the internet for everyone and to fight censorship.

Easy download a

Easy download and setup

r pc is very easy. You can download the app from their site; you can download it directly from their official website for Windows, Android, or iOS. In addition, they provide the link to the App Store download and an email download link as well. The installation process is straightforward, and they even deliver a user guide to help you get started and become familiar with their system.

Secure Network<

Secure Network

tantly changing servers and adds various blocking-resistant protocols. They use more than 22 IP addresses to secure your identity and give access to blocked websites.

Open SourceOpen Source

software is open-source, which means that this software’s source code is open for everyone and can be distributed and modified. This feature helps to increase transparency, which is not common in the VPN industry. Moreover, the app is regularly updated by the Psiopon team.

Trusted Service

Trusted Service

ariety of technology to help avoid censorship. Their dedicated team also works hard to ensure users’ data. The system encrypts all traffic from your device and never logs any personally identifying information. As the software is open source, you can trust them because there is no business involved with the software.



ard to understand and use. If you have questions or problems and want to contact support, you can do so directly from the Psiphon user interface. Locate the blue plus and minus symbols in the right corner of the app and click.

Phispon for PC
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How to Setup Ph

How to Setup Phispon for PC

Psiphon comes with a separate installer for Windows PC, making it very easy to set up on Windows PC or laptops. Here are the steps of installing Psiphon fo PC.

Step 1– Download the program from the official website of Psiphon.

Step 2– Click on the downloaded file and Psipohe will launch and automatically start connecting.

Step 3–  When the connecting icon stops spinning and a green light appears, it means that Psiphon has established the connection. If you are in SSH and SSH+ mode, the application will automatically set the Windows system proxy settings which all significant web browsers should obey.

Important Note: If you are using a Mac computer with Apple silicon, you also can download and set up Psiphon from their official website. To check whether you are a Mac Apple silicon user, you can check this page.

For Mac UsersFor Mac Users

Mac operating system; it is available on Android, iOS, Mac with Apple silicon, and Windows platforms. But you still can use Psiphon on your Mac computer following the following steps.

  • Download BlueStacks android emulator from their official website.
  • Double-click the EXE file you just downloaded, click install now. After the installation completes, click on complete. Typically, Bluestack starts automatically, but if it does not open it, find the installation folder or the start menu and follow the on-screen prompts to log into your Google account.
  • Download Psiphon APK files from Psiphon’s official website.  
  • Click on the “My Apps” tab located in the top left corner.
  • Click on the “Install APK” in the bottom-right corner of the window. A file explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) will open. 
  • Select the APK, and BlueStacks will begin the installation. 
  • Run Psiphon app.
  • The app will take control of your connection. 

Important Cautions


Important Cautions

for pc app is free to download, using VPN is illegal in many countries. Luckily, the developers have added features to mask the users’ presence and hide their identities. This technique works in theory, but nobody can guarantee that. So, before using Psiphon, please check whether your country allows the software or not to be on the safer side.

Alternative software to Psipho

Alternative software to Psiphon For PC

alternative to Psiphon. Some of them are free, while some may ask to purchase their premium service.

  • Psiphon Pro – Pro version of Psiphon to support their developers)
  • NordVPN – Like Psiphon)
  • Hotspot Shield – The app lets you browse the internet securely, anonymously & change your browsing location and unblock any content.
  • ProtonVPN – ProtonVPN is focusing on security. The app has experience in working with journalists and activists in the field.
  • OpenVPN – Common as Psiphon
  • Windscribe- It is not just a VPN. Windscribe is a desktop software and browser extension that work simultaneously to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove ads. Moreover, it prevents trackers that follow you across the websites.
  • ExpressVPN – High-speed VPN with extra layers of security.
Psiphon Pro
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Developer: Psiphon Inc.
Price: Free
  • Psiphon Pro Screenshot
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  • Psiphon Pro Screenshot
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  • Psiphon Pro Screenshot
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  • Psiphon Pro Screenshot
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  • Psiphon Pro Screenshot
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Frequently Asked Questions About Psi

Frequently Asked Questions About Psiphon for PC

siphon is an open-source software which means the source code of this application is open for everybody and free of charge. however, mobile users can ‘upgrade to an ad-free version which also increases the maximum speed from 2 Mbps to 5 Mbps

The cost differs by device and length of subscription – the longer you sign up for, the cheaper it works out monthly.

The ad-free plans charge $2.99 per week for iOS or $4.99 for Android. You can choose a monthly package, which is $9.99 for both Android and iOS. iPhone users can use this app at $8.33 a month and save 20%.

Q. Is Psiphon safe?

The syste

Q. Is Psiphon safe?

s any personally identifying information. So, you can trust them without having any doubt.

Q. Is Psiphon legal?

Well, th

Q. Is Psiphon legal?

p without paying. But some countries do not allow their users to use VPN. Though Psiphon has special technology to obscure your identity, nobody can guarantee the technique is obsolete. So, it is better to check the policy of your country.


Psiphon for pc app


ommon in the VPN industry. You can access any restricted website with Psiphon from anywhere in the world. The app is super easy to install and works very well. Setting up a Psiphon on Windows PC is super easy. If you are a Mac user with an Apple silicon device, the installation process is also easy for you.

But if you are a regular Mac user, you will need an emulator to use Psiphon. We have included all the steps you need to run this excellent VPN software on your device. We hope the article on Psiphon for PC helped you if you had any concerns about the application.

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