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PPSSPP Gold for pc is a open source emulator for Playstation or PSP. It allows you to experience each and every site of PlayStation or PSP games. It has added a new dimension to the world of games. The full form of PPSSPP is PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably.

It has an increased focus on speed and portability. Users now get a different experience by using PPSSPP Gold for PCs. It was first released on November 1, 2012. It was created by Henrik Rydgard. It is about 16MB in size.

Basic App Information

  • Offer Price: Free/ Gold(premium)
  • Operating System: Androids/iOS/windows/macOS/Linux/Nintendo (many more)
  • Application Category: Action Category for games

Our Ratings:

★★★★ (10/10)
★★★★ (10/10)
★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★☆ (9/10)

The Good: In the previous version of this emulator, there game crashes were a common big problem. But here game crashing issue is solved totally. Here you can handle the ISO in a fastest way.

The Bad: The only issue with the PPSSPP Gold for PC is, you can not get all the features in all platforms which is a con. You need to get some definite windows version to use them.

Features of The PPSSPP Gold App

It supports ad Hoc wireless networking. It has features like digitally stored information which is called save states. It also supports dynamic recompilation. Not only that, it has image scaling and anti-aliasing functions in it.

Though PPSSPP Gold has multiple functioning features but  not all the features can be experienced by all platforms. Some fixed platforms like windows version-8/8.1/10, vista or XP can enable all the features to experience.

You can overcome all the issues of the previous version here in using the PPSSPP Gold for PC. It avails all the novel features in this version. Now users can experience eye-soothing graphics by using PPSSPP Gold for PC. Moreover, it has an improved screen resolution.

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How to Install PPSSPP Gold for PC

Step 1: To download PPSSPP Gold for PC at first you have to download an emulator for your PC. If you don’t have any emulator downloaded before then use the best emulators like – Blustacks, NOX Player. These are the best version for windows and macOS. Download the emulator from it’s official site.

Step 2: After downloading the emulator you have to open the android emulator and login with Google Account.

Step 3: After logging in with the google account, you have to go to the google play store. Then you have to search the PPSSPP Gold app for your PC on the search bar.

Step 4: Once u are done with downloading the application for your PC, you are  good to go for running it on your PC. Finally enjoy using it!

ppsspp gold for pc
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How to use the PPSSPP Gold for PC:

Before you start using it on your PC, please do check which version you are using on your windows. The operating system of your PC depends on it. When you open the app on your PC, you will see the manage icon on the top. You can manage the icons according to preference.

You can use the on-screen controllers to control. You can also add external gaming controllers with it. It is very hard to play one game for a long time. This is why it has the settings of saving & resuming function. The new version of PPSSPP Gold for PC will make you want to dive into the world of PSP a more with it’s  newly added features.

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Before using it on your PC  make sure you are using Windows version-10/8/8.1/ vista or XP. Otherwise, it won’t let you enable all the features while operating. Also, you need to upgrade the Gold version not the free version. Make sure you  maintain these requirements.

Alternatives of This App

There are some alternatives of the PPSSPP Gold for PC. These are –

  1. RetroArch
  2. Nostlan
  3. Jpcsp
  4. MultiEmulator


It is basically a graphical fronted gaming emulator. It enables the player to run classic games on a wide range of computers. It has a slick graphical interface. Settings are also unified here With this emulator, you are able to run original game disks.


It is a high quality front end launcher video game emulator. It is also available for windows androids, macOS and iOS. It has a unified UI for the gamepad. Designed for UHD displays and projectors. It has added the backup sync setting which saves the file.


It  is an open source PlayStation Portable emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.It is one of the most advanced emulators. This emulator can speed already 100% at several commercial titles. The performance is constantly improving.


It is a free tool for windows. It supports a wide range of emulators and video games with a high level of compatibility and functionality. It is only available for windows only.it is not available for other platforms like mac OS, iOS, or androids, Linux etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About PPSSPP Gold App

Q. Is PPSSPP free?

Ans: Although there is a free version of PPSSPP apk but for the development & getting all the features, buy the Gold version.

Q. Can PPSSPP Gold support PS2 games?

Ans: with all the  advanced qualities available on the PPSSPP Gold version you can smoothly run PSP and PS2 easily.It gives a better experience.

Q. Is PPSSPP Gold better than PPSSPP ?

Ans: Undoubtedly, the PPSSPP Gold version is better than the previous version of PPSSPP. Here you are getting different features which are not available for the older versions. Itr has all the best features rather than the PPSSPP older version.

Q. How do I put games on PPSSPP Gold?

Ans: you will find the android on the PC window. You have to create a folder called “PSP” then create a subfolder called “Games”. It will create exactly the same folder called PSP. Copy the ISO files on your games folder on your android. It will take a while to complete the process. And you are done!

The PPSSPP Gold for PC is the best emulator for PC to play PSP games. It gives better experience than all other emulators in the video gaming. Though there is a free version but to experience all the developed qualities you need to buy the Gold version.Playing PSP or PS2/PS3 has reached a  new  level by using PPSSPP Gold for PC.

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