Pleer Music Downloader – Free Online Music App

Pleer Music Downloader is a free music browser and downloader. There is an app for using it on Android too. It has a large number of songs in it. It gives one-click, hassle-free downloads. You don’t need to sign in or give an email account. It is most popular in the United States, Brazil, and India. So, Pleer Music Downloader is a very popular and easy way to listen to music and download them.

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Basic App Information

  • Category: Music and Entertainment site
  • Cost: Free
  • Size: 3.3 MB
  • Minimum requirement: Android 4.0
Scoring the app
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The good: The site is free. The download is only with one click. The searching is fast and smart. You can search by song name or artist name. Large collection of old classic songs and new ones. There are a few ads too.

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The bad: This is a free site so you will not find all songs which are released right now. Because this is a free platform. So, it is good for old classics and popular more. You won’t have features like creating a playlist or anything. This is obviously because this is a very minimal and easy-to-use site. One other problem is that it has some issues with copy-right.

Important Features of the Pleer Music Downloader

  • It is free and doesn’t require any registration.
  • Very user-friendly interface. You can search for music and instantly start playing. While laying you can search for other songs.
  • Offers file conversion facilities.
  • There is the app version for Android. You can download the app from Play Store and start using it for free. Features on the app are.
  • Compatible with any device.
  • Plays songs while minimized.
  • It is copyright-free and so you can use songs from here for personal use (videos, blogs, etc).
  • Fast and easy search option.
  • Shows very small numbers of ads.
  • One-click download.
  • It uses google Admob ADS.
  • Get old best songs and new songs from rising bands and artists.
  • Easily start pause and restart a song.
  • You will face no buffering.
  • The search box keeps tabs on recent searches.
  • Both music and videos are available for streaming and download.
  • Has a built-in multimedia player which means you can listen to songs within the app itself. It is also possible to use other players if you want.

How to Install Pleer Music Downloader App

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