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If you are looking for a VPN which will work more securely on your windows, then you have come to the right place, because this article will tell you about the VPN which is considered one of the most secure VPNs in the market. Orbot for Windows is the discussion topic of our article today.

This VPN not only works to hide your IP address from ISPs, but also works to protect data from unnecessary advertisements! So, it sounds very interesting, isn’t it? Without further introduction, let’s know the Orbot for Windows thoroughly to run it on your PC.

Discussion Topics

In this article we will discuss below topics to give a proper review on your expected VPN Orbot for Windows. The topics on which we will discuss, they are:

  • Basic Information of Orbot for Windows
  • Features of Orbot VPN for Windows
  • How to download Orbot on your PC
  • Alternatives of Orbot for Windows
  • Frequently asked questions

Basic Information of Orbot for Windows

There are several VPN applications available, but they all lack such functionality. The Orbot For Windows PC software, on the other hand, helps you to access the network easily and securely.

We all understand how important encryption is nowadays when browsing the internet since network operators monitor our records, so protection is more necessary. And, indeed, data is more important to marketers, but it is our duty to save our data wisely. Since the Orbot VPN has a separate IP address,you can use it to mask your identities on the network.

If you feel unsafe when browsing the internet and find your phone or computer using more data, it’s just because you don’t really know which website you’re accessing or if it’s secure for you.

Orbot vpn plays a role here because it helps you to remain private when browsing the internet. However, like all other VPN applications, it is not really available for Mac or Windows directly.

You have to use Google Chrome or Firefox to download the Orbot VPN for Windows, or you can go for LD player emulator, which is an android emulator to download the VPN on your PC.

Features of Orbot VPN for Windows

Orbot for Windows is a tremendous VPN app, I think the reader already understands the fact! Find out several of the application’s top functionality to get a better sense of what it has to do:

  • Orbot for windows is an application that assists you in being more safe on the internet.
  • Orbot is designed for Android phones, but you can also use it on our Windows computers to become more stable, through servers and emulators.
  • Since the software is open-source, you can be assured that the data is safe and protected.
  • The most exciting thing is, Orbot vpn is available for free of cost; there are no premium plans or whatever, so use it to your advantage.

Download Process of the Orbot VPN for Windows

Orbot VPN is actually designed for android mobile phones. But PC users can also download this VPN app through two methods. In this article, I will discuss both of the methods so you can understand the steps of downloading the VPN specifically.

Here I am gonna tell the first method of downloading Orbot VPN for windows PC.

Download from Chrome:

I’ll demonstrate to you how to download and install your desired VPN on your device in this post. This software is also restricted to the Chrome browser.

Before we begin the configuration, we’ll go over the following information:

To begin, search for the authorized Google chrome web store available server. To know more about this, follow the step-by-step instructions provided-

  • You have to select the search button on the upper right side of the screen and type Orbot for Windows inside the tab.
  • Check for the VPN software you would like to download and then press the connect to chrome browser button once you’ve found it.
  • This would take awhile for the vpn proxy software to be added to your computer browser, so be patient.
  • Once you’ve downloaded Orbot on your computer, look for the proxy server symbol in the toolbar, press it, and log in with your email.

And that’s it! You can now use this software addition to make your internet experience more stable and safe.

If you’re a Mac user and need to use Orbot on your Mac, follow the same steps. All you have to do now is update the Chrome edition of this software and you’re good to go.

Download Orbit for PC with Android Emulator

If you do not like to choose the option of downloading Orbot VPN for only chrome browser, you can install an android emulator like LDPlayer.

With the support of the simulator, this android emulator can make a virtual Android environment for the android apps so that the softwares which only supports androids, will also run on windows PC.

Then you’ll need to install Orbot on your computer, so here’s how to do it:

  • First, go to Google play store and search for LDplayer android emulator.
  • Then download the emulator and double click on it to install.
  • After the process of installation, enter into the emulator and sign up with your email account.
  • After sign up, go to the search bar of the emulator and search for Orbot VPN for windows.
  • Then from the search result download the VPN and install to run it on your windows.

Alternatives of Orbot for Windows


Tor is a free software application and an accessible service that lets you protect from traffic monitoring, a method of network control that jeopardizes individual rights and privacy, sensitive business practices and connections, and national security.


Lantern helps you to send or receive internet access from other people around the world across a community network built on confidence.

Proxy Mask

Key Elements- TOR, VPN, and Proxy all in one system; Hide your IP address if you want to be anonymous. Bypass blocking and filtering on the internet; Hide your web habits from your Internet service provider; The ability to gain entry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orbot App

Q. How Orbot for Windows is downloaded?

You can download Orbot VPN for your windows PC by using two methods. First method is, you can download the app from Google chrome and apply the VPN as an extension of Google chrome.  Second method is, you can install an android emulator to download Orbot VPN for your windows.

Q. What is the cost of subscription of this VPN?

There is no subscription charge of Orbot VPN, it means the app is free of cost to download!

Q. Is the VPN safe to run on PC?

Yes the Orbot VPN is safe to run on PC, in fact it makes your PC more safe from the unknown surveillance. 

This article narrates the important points to know the Orbot VPN for PC. No doubt, this VPN is really an amazing feature for the netizens to keep their security in this age of internet revolution.

I have shown you how to download and update the Orbot VPN software on your Windows PC using two separate ways. I really hope that you can find some useful knowledge here. Also hope that this article helped you to clear confusions about Orbot VPN also.

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