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Mobomarket for PC app is a third-party marketplace app, much like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Where Mobomarket differs is added features that let you fully adjust how the app functions including WiFi, finding apps that aren’t normally found in PlayStore or App Store, an easy app search feature that helps you discover useful apps faster, and a trustworthy review system. Owned by Baidu, Mobomarket is considered to be one of the top best alternatives for both Android and iOS preinstalled stores.

Mobomarket goes back to its early development since 2011, from there it has made leaps and bounds when it came to improvements, added features, and an updated design. While holding a huge library of 650,000+ apps till date.


Basic App Information

  • OS: Android/iOS
  • Size: Varies based on device on Android/431.5MB on iOS
  • Current Version:
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Bengali, Hindu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu
  • Developer: Moborobo
  • Requirements/Compatibility: 2.3.2 and up on Android/iOS 10 and iPadOS 10 on iOS.

App rating

★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★☆ (8/10)
★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★☆ (8/10)

The Good: Easy to set up, faster to navigate with and the app is very light since it doesn’t require much storage and resources to use. The app allows you to customize your phones with different wallpapers, themes, ringtones, etc. The UI and UX design are great in aesthetic and for usage.

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The Bad: The notifications can be a little tricky to set up and they can be pretty annoying oftentimes.

Features of the Mobomarket For PC App


Mobomarket has a wide library of wallpapers in lots of variety to choose from for your phone, you can easily access the wallpapers thanks to the app’s simple design and repeat the process in case you feel like changing it.

Clean Now:

A proprietary app that is used to clean up your phone. From removing temporary file leftovers by other apps to clearing up RAM for better performance of your device. It’s easier to use and streamlined in design.

App Tools:

There are two different tools that are available within the app. They’re called Updating and Uninstalling Manager. Updating allows you to check up on the apps that you’ve installed using Mobomarket, manage them and keep them at their latest versions. While Uninstalling allows you to uninstall the apps that you don’t need.

Media Manager:

You can manage photos, videos and music. This app even allows you to manage files right from the storage of every format.

Backup Tool:

You can back up data, media files and apps inside your phone. Including call logs and SMS records stored within your phone in case you decide to do a complete format. This tool is easier to use and access allowing you to do a complete restore as if your phone was set up the same way you were using it before entirely.

App Market:

Mobomarket is known to be a big alternative to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app provides access to a lot of apps that aren’t found in the mentioned app stores due to not being validated by their respective companies. It even provides access to useful apps very few have heard of, which allows tech startups to easily get their apps any recognition thanks to the search engine programming.

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It might seem like a grey market of sorts, but thanks to a great rating system, the app can help users figure out whether the app is best suited for them or not with the trust of delivering what they’re supposed to.

How to install Mobomarket App

The app is available for use on 3 platforms. Two of them need you to manually download the source file for installation. One of them requires third-party apps in order to work and then repeat the manual download process. Here’s an installation guide for Android/iOS/PC.

On Android OS:

Search for ‘Mobomarket’ on Google from your phone. Then go to the first link you see or to download the apk on your phone. Click on the apk, you’ll be asked to install this app, grant permission. Once your app is installed, check on your app’s menu to find and launch it.

On iOS/iPad:

To use this app, you’ll need an app like AppCake or similar. In order to install this, you need to find and download the mobomarket IPA file. Then use AppCake to install the IPA. Once done, you can launch the app from the iOS menu.

On Windows/Mac:

On PC, there is an app version that is dedicated entirely for desktop devices. Though it functions more likely as a smartphone manager entirely with the added marketplace to find and install apps long as your phone is connected.

To install it on both Windows/Mac, Google search for the desktop version of ‘Mobomarket’, download the app from sites like Majorgeeks, launch the installer, give administrator permission and then install the app.

Alternate of Mobomarket App


vShare is a phone management app installed directly to your PC. You can connect this to your phone from your PC and install various apps. It even checks your phone’s condition, does backup and restore data recovery, and more. All thanks to a fluid, easily accessible UI design and navigation.


MOBILedit is a management app just like Mobomarket. Connecting this to your PC, it’ll give you much to do. It is an app that is simple for beginners yet much more expanded and versatile for professionals. Though this app is only available as a demo for free, as you’ll have to purchase the license to get full access.

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Frequently asked questions About Mobomarket For PC

FAQ About Mobomarket for pc
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How much would it cost to download the app?

Absolutely nothing, you can download the app for free. Do note though, that some of the apps installed from this require you to purchase them.

Which country does the app support?

It is supported for worldwide usage.

How different is the PC version from the Mobile?

It has more features and is more of an app suite. For more details, please check this site

Is it compatible with older versions of Android?

Only from Android 2.3.2 to onwards does it run compatible without issues.

Will it work with any device?

Yes, it’ll work on all Android devices, including tablets and PCs.

Mobomarket is a very popular app manager, thanks to having lots of features, tools, downloads, and a large marketplace for apps to download. It could be assumed to be some black-market corner for apps, but it has proven time after time that it has a place in today’s world.

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