The Best Mech Games for PC – [Updated List 2022]

If you’re looking for mech games For PC, then this is the article for you. We’ll be discussing what exactly a mech game entails and what some of the best ones currently are. But first, let’s talk about the basics: What is Mech? If it sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel or movie to you, that’s because it often is! In video games, however, mechs tend to take more of an action role in gameplay than anything else.

Most mech games take inspiration from Japanese Mecha anime and modern military technology. Games involving mech revolve around either commanding them from a distance or one being single-handedly controlled by the player. Most games people play are either strategic, action-packed, or tactical-based.


10 Best Mech Games For PC You Should Go Check Out

Mech Games for PC
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Here’s a list of mech games for PC you should check out, whether they’re on consoles, PC, or Smartphones. These games should give you a headstart and a good idea as to what a mech game is played like and how they can be an attractive niche to spend your time with.

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If you have an interest in robots like Gundam, Voltron, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Power Rangers, etc., here are a number of games that will help you familiarize yourself as well as enjoy playing any mech games for pc out there. Do note, that how you have fun depends on how you like to control giant machines. The following list will do a great job of getting your attention.

1. MechWarrior 5

This game is a full-on mech simulator, allowing you to customize, upgrade or even switch to other mechs. You play as a pilot of your own making. Starting the campaign as a mercenary, as you fight to learn a bigger conspiracy that threatens the existence of humanity as you know it.

This is a seminal sequel to a long-lasting series that started in 1989. Right now, available for purchase on Steam and Xbox. The developer, Piranha Games also has MechWarrior Online as an entirely different game for online PVP only if you’re into fighting other players.

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  • A story-rich lengthy campaign mode with you starring as a mercenary.
  • 4-player online co-op.
  • Destructible environments.
  • A large arsenal of weapons to pick and choose from.
  • Giant mech boss battles, plenty of them.

2. Into The Breach

Written by Chris Avellone of Interplay and Obsidian, he has carried his experience from all the years of writing RPGs and finally tapped into working on a mech-based tactical turn-based RPG. The story starts where the world is being torn asunder by an alien invasion, leaving everything to ruins and destroying anything left of civilization and the human race.

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You are a commander who has been sent from the future with a large fleet of mechs at your disposal to do your duty of eliminating the alien threat once and for all. But the plot as you play along becomes more complex and your goal of eradicating the alien threat takes a lot of twists and turns. This game is available on all computer platforms as well as the Switch.


  • Tactical-based strategy.
  • Rewinding time among other abilities to do with time.
  • Procedurally generated map.
  • Good progression system for both pilots and their mechs.

3. Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner

Heralded as one of the best Mecha-action games, Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner was a passion project by one of Konami’s development team back in 2003, with Hideo Kojima being the producer, the game had a lot of talent behind it.

Zone of the Enders sequel managed to be a far better sequel than its predecessor of the time as an action-adventure Mecha title. Even though this game is old, it is considered a cult classic, so much so that Konami has decided to release a remaster for the PC and PS4.


  • Well-written campaign with a story that keeps you engaged.
  • Stellar voice cast.
  • Intense action-sequenced gameplay with fast button prompts and rapid tapping.
  • Both great character design and amazing visuals.

4. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is not a simulator nor is it an action adventure, it’s a JRPG based around giant mechs fighting against monsters (Kaiju as they call it). A day of reckoning has come to Japan when the fierce might of the Kaijus unleash unprecedented amounts of destruction upon the mainland.

You start with 13 characters, some of them are from the current 1980s where the game is set up, while others are either from World War II or somewhere from the distant future around over a century later. All of them team up together to stop the oncoming apocalypse.

Combat mostly involves strategy and turn-based tactics, where you throw all that you have including upgrades for each of your character’s mech against the kaiju they fight. This game was released as a PS4 exclusive a year ago.


  • Unique art style with both an acrylic look and cell-shaded CGI effects.
  • Competent and challenging strategic gameplay that gets more interesting as the game progresses.
  • 13 different characters to play with along the campaign.
  • The story has different choices which add different narrative experiences to each playthrough.
  • Stylized action sequences make this a joyful treat for fans of Mecha games.

5. BattleTech

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One of the currently popular mech games in the Steam market, BattleTech is an up-and-comer mech tactics-based strategy title made by two people who’ve worked on Shadowrun Returns and the original MechWarrior games. Here, you set up a team of squadrons, controlling mechs who’ll enter the battle at your beck and call. Each of those individuals can be personalized by yours truly thanks to a robust customization and progression system.

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Customize your mechs, fitting them with crazy armaments for crazier battles. The story starts over a millennium from now where empires, kingdoms, and galactic federations are up in arms against each other, so as a mercenary company, you pick which factions to work with. This game is only available for Mac and Windows.


  • Personalization of each individual teammate of your squadron with robust customization.
  • Fun, engaging strategic gameplay mixed in with a lot of RNG mechanics.
  • A great engaging story with interesting characters and lore.
  • Online PvP skirmish mode with your friends and matchmade with others.

6. Mobile Suit Gundam – Extreme vs Maxiboost On

Mobile Suit Gundam games are by default, mech games or if you’re culturally proper, they’re called Mecha games. Released for the arcade back in 2016, the game finally received a port for home entertainment. This game though doesn’t have any story made and was made purely for multiplayer purposes. But if you’re a big Gundam fan, this game takes every single Gundam model from the franchise and readily makes them available for use in the game.

You play in these 2v2 team brawls played in third-person around giant maps, you dish out damages to your opponent till there’s nobody left on the opposing team. The game has a bit of a steep learning curve that takes getting used to, but once you’ve realized how the game works, there’s so much you can do to fit your different playstyle.  Only available for play on the PS4.


  • Large 2v2 battles in online modes.
  • Split-screen co-op.
  • A large roster of Gundams from the entire franchise to play with.

7. Implosion: Never Lose Hope

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While this isn’t as bold and high quality as the console and PC counterparts, Implosion takes what it could borrow from other mech games out there, while trying not to be too derivative, it makes a good impression of being a high-octane action game.

The game takes place several decades after the fall of humanity when an invading alien race wiped out most of the human population, you play as whatever that’s left manning giant mechs to fight against the alien forces that threaten existence as you know it. Available for iOS devices, Android and Nintendo Switch.


  • Fun, intense gameplay with a lot of set pieces and heavily stylized sequences.
  • A good story to start with.
  • Colorful visuals even for mobile phones.

8. War Robots

While this game is also a bit guilty of being derivative, it does something a bit more. It is a third-person mech battle game but in a more highly online setting. To put it simply, this game is a MOBA, kind of like Smite and League of Legends.

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The game provides a robust number of options and things you want to do in terms of different playstyles. Since it had several years of development, there’s already a lot of content to access. The game is available for iOS, Android, Amazon, and SteamOS.


  • Lots of different gadgets and weapons to choose from with modular upgrades.
  • Team-based combat is pretty fun and intense based on MOBA design.
  • A lot of content and online modes to invest in.
  • Modes for team-based battles as well as solo matches like free-for-all and Arena.

9. Armored Squad: Mech vs Robots

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Mech vs Robots is a team-based tactical shooter where you are deployed in a battle arena, fighting against enemy team combatants. While most mech games tend to be grounded in terms of the arsenal they provide, here you are just being flimsy by using jetpacks, lasers, swords, force fields, boosters, you name it. A lot of the inspiration is taken from 80’s kid shows like Centurian and Transformers. The game is available to play for Android and Microsoft Windows.


  • Charming aesthetics and robot design with minimalistic.
  • Crazy, obscene weapons and gadget choices while being balanced in playtime.
  • Arcade-style gameplay with so much to do.

10. Titanfall 2

Ah yes, the last pick for not the least, Titanfall 2. Created by Respawn Entertainment with Electronic Arts as a publisher, this game is a far better sequel than the first one that came during the Xbox One launch year.  Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter which allows you to summon Titans during battle. Coupled that with Titans disemboweling each other (yes, phrasing), and a large, intense battlefield acting as a playground for everything people wanted to do.

Titanfall 2 is a quintessential game for the mecha genre that it still lives and breathes by its developers’ support. Though they’ve moved on mostly to where the money is (Apex Legends), Titanfall 2 remains still with an active player base and a great wholesome community. This is also one of those games that introduced mechs to the mainstream market. Currently available to play for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


  • Incredibly high-caliber, intense, and emotionally resonant campaign mode.
  • Jam-packed multiplayer with a lot of modes and Titans.
  • Gorgeous visuals even to this day.
  • Fast-paced shooting thanks to ridiculously light-speed mobility.
  • Great community and large active player base.

All the games presented here are preferred choices from me. Though the first 5 games I’ve mentioned are triple AAA and offer so much depth to their content than the mobile games will, however, the mobile ones still provide a solid good time and are good inspirations of the more well-known games, just weaker on their respective platforms.

The first 5 range from various genres and even remasters of old mech games that were considered cult classics. But the last I’ve mentioned is one of the biggest highlights of all of the choices as here. Please check out Titanfall 2, if possible. An amazing game that shouldn’t be missed as it pushed the envelope for what mech games could do in the FPS genre. If you have queries about Mech Games for PC or I missed any of your favorite mech games then you can comment below.

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