Hangouts Dialer For PC – Get Started by Calling or Messaging

Hangouts app is a multi-platform messaging app developed by Google. It is basically a chat application that can be used on multiple devices to stay connected with friends and family. Hangouts dialer helps to send texts, SMS, and pictures to your friends and family. Hangouts Dialer for PC is one of the best dialer APK for your PCs.

You can make calls and chat with your loved ones on time by using a hangouts dialer for pc. Hangouts is an extension for most browsers. It works as an app for Android and iOS and is a great program made for PC. The hangouts Dialer for PC is for your suitable usage.

Hangouts Dialer For PC
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At first, although Hangouts Dialer was developed for androids gradually it created immense appeal and got popularity. Then Hangouts Dialer was developed for PC and mac. This is how Hangouts Dialer for PC came into use in public.


Basic Information of Hangouts Dialer

  • Operating System: Android/iOS/Windows/macOS
  • Offer price: Free
  • Application Category: Communication
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (10/10)
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (10/10)
⭐⭐⭐⭐ (9/10)
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (10/10)

The Good: It has a simple, nice interface that enables you to know the recorded number of received calls. The audio call quality is very clear in it. You can also mute the calls if you want.

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The Bad: Nothing negative about this app has yet come to notice. But be sure of which version of windows suits this hangouts dialer best.

Key Features of The Hangouts Dialer For PC

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Hangouts messenger application launched the apk Hangouts Dialer for PC. This is one of the simplest apps to use. It allows you to make texts and calls anytime in a very simple way with your friends and family members. It has a one-to-one conversation system. So the security is maintained highly.

It has a very simple interface. This Interface is able to maintain call history. It also manages other log histories identical to your device.

This app comes with a great operating system with your account. Here one of the prominent features you will get in it is, the Outgoing Caller ID. With the help of it, you can know the unknown calls. So ultimately, you will get to know any unknown number on your PC.

This dialer app is enhanced for your PC. So here you will not find any issues while using the application. As there is no performance issue while running the app, it’s already understandable how much efficient this app is!  Gradually, It has improved its usability. Now you can make calls using this dialer from more apps. You will also get a new material dialer UI in the hangouts dialer for pc.

It has reached a new level with its high-quality video calling feature. It has so many eye-catching good features with less hassle. And the good thing is it is an offered program by Google itself. So download this app asap!

How to install Hangouts Dialer For PC

Hangouts dialer for PC is a great APK that offers multiple features. So if you want to download this app you  just need to follow the following steps:

  • Step-1: You can directly download the hangouts dialer or PC from the websites or use the Google play store to download this great app. If you want to download this through the google play store, you have to use an emulator. If you already have downloaded it, you don’t need to download it anymore. You can use an emulator like- Xeplayer. Download and Install XePlayer Android Emulator and run it on your PC.
  • Step-2: Now login to your Google account by putting necessary information. After successfully logging in, you have to go to the Play Store.
  • Step-3: After going to the google play store, you have to search “Hangouts dialer – call phones for PC” and install it on your PC.
  • Step-4: Once the installation is finished, you are good to enjoy it!

How to use Hangouts Dialer For PC

fter downloading the app you are good to call anyone from anywhere anytime without the minute plans of your device. Hangouts dialer has made most of the calls free to the US and Canada. After installation, you can access all voice calls directly from the Hangouts dialer. This is like a shortcut to making phone calls.

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Now you can call over the data from anywhere. You can call any number using this hangouts dialer. There you will find an outbound caller ID. It will make your number verified and no longer u can remain or be shown as unknown.

Here you will find a call log history for every separate call you make. So, you will be able to see the call history. Whenever you need it, you can manage them.


t might cost you some carrier charges and some international charges for data use. In the hangouts dialer, voice calls with the hangouts app are free but others might apply some charges.

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Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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Hangouts Dialer Alternatives

here are some alternatives to hangouts dialer for PC. These are:

1. Vyke: 2nd phone number/2nd Line-call & Text

t has the ability to make free calls and chat with other vyke users. It has low-cost calls and SMS to phones. This app can also place calls without an internet connection. It makes sure you can still call abroad using the mobile network.

2. Rebtel: cheap international calls

ike hangouts, it also offers free calls to the US and Canada. You can buy unlimited plans for other countries. This app can also work if u even don’t have an internet connection. It makes no extra charge. It does not offend you with ads. It has the lowest rates for the highest quality international calls. So, this is a good point of using this app.

3. Talknote

is totally free but an ad-supported app. It gives you a separate number when you sign up for use. After that, it will allow you to make free calls and text anyone. In this application, you need to purchase special plans to make phone calls to others. So this is only free to a limited number of countries.

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4. Keepcalling- best International calling rates

app offers you free service. Here you are getting the feature to build your own caller ID. It doesn’t require any special number. It also does not require any internet connection while using.

Frequently Asked Question About Hangouts Dialer For PC

Hangouts Dialer For PC
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IS Hangouts Dialer for PC free?

is totally free!

Can I use Hangouts Dialer for windows 8?

u can swiftly use it on your windows 8 version as it was specifically designed for that version.

How do I answer an incoming hangouts call on my PC?

er your call on your PC, a Hangouts window from the caller will open at the bottom of your Hangouts app page. You can click the “answer button” to accept the call. You can also tap the “Decline” button if you don’t know the person calling you.

Hangouts dialer for PC is a great app to make phone calls and chat. You can easily catch on to your loved and dear ones by using this amazing app. If you are looking for the best dialer app for your PC then do hurry and download this app.