FaceApp For PC- Guides For Windows/Mac, Android & iOS

In this article, we are going to describe FaceApp For PC. FaceApp is one of the most popular AI enabled photo and video editing apps in the market. Manufactured by FaceApp Inc., this app has a wide range of filters and retouching options. You can choose to use the free version or you can purchase a subscription of the app’s Pro version that has an even wider library.

FaceApp for pc
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Size31MB for Android; 132.4MB for iOS
Latest Version4.3.4 (Android)
Last Updated6 March 2021 (Android)
OS RequirementsAndroid OS 5.0 or later; iOS or iPadOS 12.0 or later
Manufactured byFaceApp Inc.

Writer’s Rating:

With an average of 4.6 ratings on Google Play and 4.7 on the Apple App store, it is safe to say that the users are very happy with FaceApp.

★★★★★ (9/10)
The setup process is very easy, quick, and smooth.
★★★★☆ (8/10)
The interface is very straightforward, user-friendly, and easygoing.
★★★★☆ (8/10)
The AI-enabled smart features are one of a kind but without the Pro subscription purchased the experience is very limited.
★★★★★ (9/10)
The performance of the app is very light, smooth, and handy. It is fast and the accuracy is uncanny.
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Features of FaceApp APK

ns of features for both photo and video editing. Though there are only cell phone versions of the app available in the app stores, you can use these features on your PC as well. A good handful of the features are listed below –

  1. Impression: With this feature you get to customize the impression on the photo you’ve taken. The AI enabled algorithms look absolutely natural. Smiles would turn into sad faces and vice versa.
  2. Age: Foreseeing what one would look like in their old age has been in trend for the past few years. FaceApp has taken it to the next level. You can make anyone look younger or older even in videos with FaceApp.
  3. Retouch: Correcting and fixing the color, tone and saturation of your photo has never been easier. FaceApp’s popularity is directly proportional to the life-like accuracy of its AI.
  4. Color Effects: You can add extravagant color schemes to your photos as per your wish.
  5. Beard: There are a wide range of beard styles and cuts to choose from
  6. Hairstyle: Get a haircut and/or styling without seeing you barbar. It often looks better than real life hairstylings too.
  7. Makeup: AI enabled makeover feature makes you wonder whether you need makeup on your face at all. Beautifications are so last season when FaceApp can do it all.
  8. Gender Swap: You can choose to swap gender indications on your photo to see what one would look like swapping genders.
  9. Face Swap: You can get a result while choosing to swap faces with a celebrity or another regular human being. Cannot rate them on accuracy for this one but it put smiles on a lot of faces, no doubt.
  10. Backgrounds: You can replace your original background of your photo with an array of alternatives from your gallery and the web.
FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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  • FaceApp: Gesichtsbearbeitung Screenshot
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How to Install Fa

How to Install FaceApp on PC?

ed on your PC is a lost cause since there is none available. That does not mean you have to be deprived of using your favorite app on PC. With the help of an Android emulator, you can use the same apps from Google Play that you install on your Android cell phones. Read the step-by-step instruction to install FaceApp For PC.

  • Firstly, download BlueStacks or NoxPlayer from the web.
  • Double click on the .exe file to install it on your PC.
  • Launch the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer android emulator upon successful installation.
  • Go to Google Play Store from the internet browse of your choice.
  • Write “FaceApp” on the Search Bar there.
  • Choose the official app by FaceApp Inc. and click Install.
  • Wait a few seconds when it gets installed on your PC.
  • Then, launch FaceApp from the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer home screen to start using it.

How to Use FaceApp?How to Use FaceApp?

with your most recent photos in the gallery showing across the majority of the screen. There is a settings icon at the top left corner and the button to go “Pro” on the top right.

  • Camera: Click the “Camera” option to open your phone’s camera to take a photo or record a video.
  • Demo: Clicking “Demo” would open a few of the demo photos pre-saved in the app that you can edit for independent use without any copyright issues.
  • Gallery: You can take the photos from your gallery to edit, retouch or change the background of.
  • Celebrities: This option lets you search for your favorite celebrities online, pick best of their photos and edit them to your heart’s content.

Take each photo containing faces, add filters, backgrounds, vivid color tones, makeups, etc. to it. It will make you look like a million dollars in photos without spending one penny.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About FaceApp For PC

FAQ About FaceApp for pc
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Is FaceApp secure?

Is FaceApp secure?oncern regarding FaceApp solely for it being a Russian company. But it is no better or worse than any other photo editing apps on the market since no serious security breach has been reported.

Does FaceApp have access to all my ph

Does FaceApp have access to all my photos?

your photos to a cloud server of their own before the processing can start, it in fact does have access to all your uploaded photos though they claim that they do not keep them on their server for too long.

Can I remove the watermarks for free?

Can I remove the watermarks for free?

the Pro version of the app which will give you the option to turn the watermark on and off.

Popular Alternatives to FaceApp for Y

Popular Alternatives to FaceApp for Your PC

i>Have they faked me?
  • Meitu.
  • Portrait by img.ly
  • Reflect – Face Swap
  • FaceApp has a great reputation to its users for hassle-free performance and spot on results. The security concerns though have left a mark on it. It still has a great demand in the market and the users are dying for a PC version of it. Since the FaceApp for PC is yet to hit the market, the above-mentioned method would ease your pain until it does.