Auto Tune App for PC (Voloco Auto Voice tune and Harmony)

There are many Auto tune apps for PCs these days. In this article, we will review the Voloco Auto Voice tune and Harmony Auto tune app for PC. This is a real-time voice-processing app that is widely used by DJs, musicians, music artists, voiceover artists, media persons. With easy use and a broad number of features, Voloco Auto Voice tune and Harmony is one of the best Auto tune app for PC.

Auto Tune App for PC
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Basic App information

  • Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Surface Pro
  • Developer: RESONANT CAVITY
  • Current version: 6.4.0
  • Category: Music & Audio Apps
  • Language: English
  • PC Requirements: Windows XP and above, 2GB of RAM minimum, and at minimum 4GB of hard drive space. Mac will need macOS Sierra or higher, 4 GB of RAM along with a minimum of 4GB of disk space.

Scoring the App

★★★★☆ (8/10)
★★★★☆ (8/10)
★★★★☆ (9/10)
★★★★☆ (8.5/10)
★★★★☆ (4/5)

The good: It is a free version. The app can combine tuning, harmony, and vocoding. There is particular ease in sharing works on social media. There are Built-in beats from the beat library.

The bad: There are no search options for beats so you have to manually look for them by name. There is no scope for in-app collaboration with people. Although initially free, further features need payment.

Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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  • Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio Screenshot
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Features of The Auto Tune App For PC

Ease in social media sharing:

A huge factor for anyone working with music and sound these days is their social media presence. This app makes sharing your audio and video recordings very easy. Recordings can be compressed in MP4 containers too.

Do tuning, harmony, and encoding in one place:

What makes voloco app stand out among other auto tune apps is that you can fulfill all your voice-processing requirements in one place. So, it is widely used for professional purposes.

Creating music video selfie:

All the materials needed to create a music video selfie are available on the app.

Easy exporting

If you need to work with multiple apps then it is very convenient to export files from voloco to other apps. You can record using this app and then export to mix it somewhere else or even share it with others.

Huge amount of resources:

The app comes with the following vocal effect presents- Starter, Modern Rap I, Modern Rap II, P-Tain, Bon Hiver, 8 Bit Chip, Duft Pank, and Sitar Hero. These provide a wide number of sound modifications that you can choose from whether it is electrical music or a classical one. The range of options is really diverse.

Possible to choose a beat from the beat library for singing or rapping over and can render a seven-voice harmonization effect. tuning, harmony, and encoding.

Range of subscription:

The app has a range of subscriptions options and you can choose which beats to pay for.

Subscription options:

You can use Voloco subscriptions from iTunes for the paid features of the otherwise free app. There are monthly or yearly subscriptions available with the free trial. Subscription after the end of the period automatically renews after 24 hrs. unless turned off. Payment is charged from the iTunes account after the purchase is confirmed.


Voloco is also available as a free VST3 and AU plugin. Version 1.0.7 will offer you six presets and adjust key, scale as well as pitch correction strength. The more advanced version is under development. It requires Windows 10 to be run or macOS Sierra 10.12 or above to be used.

How to install Auto Tune App For PC

The following instructions are to be followed to run the app on PC. You need an emulator to run this app and we are assuming that you how to install them on your PC:

Step-1: At the first download an Android emulator for your PC or Mac (Bluestacks or NoxApp)

Step-2: Install the emulator and log in to your Google account.

Step-3: For Windows, now run your emulator, go to the Play Store (Using a Google account) and search for Voloco. Now install it as you would do on your Android device and after installation, the app is ready to be used.

Step-4: For Mac, repeat the same steps in Windows for your Macintosh.

How to use it

After installation the app is fairly easy to use, the app takes the user through and guides their way to all necessary features.

Step-1: Press the large plus “+” button and open the recording studio in Voloco.

Step-2: Now tap the big red circle button to begin recording, tap the same button to stop recording.

Step-3: You can easily create audio and video music selfies with it and share them.

Step-4: You can also export your recording elsewhere for additional work and final mixing.

Step-5: A lot of professional quality tracks have been made using Voloco which you can find in the Top Tracks section of the app.

Step-6: The free edition lets you use 4 different effects (Major Chorus, Strong Tune, SuperVocoder, and Natural Tune). you can use them, complete the recording and then hear the end results by ‘auto tuning’. After this, you can save it. All files are saved in MP4 format.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Tune App For PC

FAQ About Auto Tune App
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Q. How to record on Voloco?

Ans: Recording on Voloco is fairly easy, after installation when using it for the first time you will be instructed and guided by Voloco on how to get started with this app.

Q. Do I need an emulator to run Voloco on PC?

Ans: Yes, any android emulator will do the job. Bluestacks is the most popular and trusted one among them. After installation of the emulator, all remaining processes to install the app are the same.

Q. Which emulator should I use?

Ans: Using any emulator is fine. Bluestacks is the most popular, Nox Player, Gameloop are all popular choices. What emulator you use does not impact your experience in using the app.

Q. Is Voloco free of charge?

Ans: The app you can download and install for free. There are also free beats available for free and if you want you can pay for additional ones.


Auto tune is a huge demand for multiple numbers professions these days. There is also a multitude of options available to choose from when looking for an Auto tune app for PC. Some alternatives to the Voloco app discussed here are-

  1. Autotune Song Maker
  2. Tune Me App
  3. Musically


Voloco is a very robust voice processing app. Ease of use and a high number of features go hand in hand in this app. It has over one million downloads and a quarter of a million positive reviews. Any person who needs voice processing for either personal use like creating a music video selfie to some who needs it for professional use for business can opt for it. So we conclude Voloco Auto Voice tune and Harmony to be a highly recommended one.

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